Empowering women to believe in themselves and rewire their inner dialogue. 

In a world of creativity and entrepreneurship, we champion an integrated approach to life and work; embracing personal, career and spiritual development. Our philosophy is that when we devote time to our inner world, we can create extraordinary upgrades in our outer world. 

At SLAY, we are all about motivating and inspiring women to unlock their true potential with a toolkit in which to create powerful transformations. 

Our vision is to help women slay negativity, so they can boldly step into their true potential. 

Enough of the settling, it’s your time.

Let’s do this. 




The word SLAY is powerful not passive. To slay is to lead, overcome, challenge, stand out, speak out and accomplish. It stands for an atmosphere of creativity, impact, growth and success. It is a collective of people harnessed to the same cause: personal growth, happiness, accomplishment and collaborative empowerment. 

SLAY Retreats is less about sipping green tea and getting nice massages… rather, the weekend is for women who want to boss their life from the inside out, to make powerful changes that propel us into our highest potential for life and work integration. The collective of powerhouse women creates an intimate level of support, momentum and inspiration to believe we can go further and dream bigger.

At SLAY the overarching aim is to create soul-aligned goals for life and work, to tap into the magic of manifestation and to experience a mindset reboot. The program is designed around the unique demands of being a female leader, entrepreneur or public figure. 

There is a carefully curated SLAY program at each retreat  – not too busy, not too boring… which includes yin-based yoga suitable for all levels, a SLAY soundtrack, walks and runs, delicious meals for all dietary requirements, a SLAYworkshop or talk from a successful female founder, holistic treatments including reiki, sound healing, massage and facials, creative workshops, shamanic clearing, 1:1 success coaching, vision boarding and the signature fire ritual – designed to set positive intentions for your life and career.